About Us

Meet Dr. Vincent Chin:

Dr. Vincent Chin
Dr. Vincent Chin has more than 35 years experience as a Primary Care doctor. Originally from Kingston, Jamaica, Dr. Chin graduated from the University of West Indies. After serving the community in Spanish Town, Jamaica, Dr. Chin emigrated to Miami, Florida and has been practicing preventative care medicine at the highest level since 1980.

As a Primary Care doctor, Dr. Chin has always been at the forefront of emerging medicine employing both traditional and alternative medicine for a complete package. His background and training in Jamaica influenced his approach and use for natural healing products. Caring for thousands of patients and observing the body's response to natural medicine, Dr. Chin developed a unique formula using hemp-derived cannibidoil for pain relief. 


Why Choose Dr. Chin's Herbal?

  • Our CBD is sourced from one of the largest hemp-grow facilities in Colorado on a USDA Certified Organic farm.  It is made and manufactured in the U.S. in accordance with the highest standards for quality and effectiveness.
  • Our CBD is manufactured in a facility that has been inspected and approved by the Florida Department of Agriculture, is FDA registered and 3rd Party cGMP certified. 
  • All of our CBD products contain less than .3% THC.
  • Our products contain Full Spectrum CBD