CBD terms you should know!

If you've been researching CBD you've probably encountered a few words that might confuse you a bit, we are going to explain some of the most important terms related to CBD.

Let´s begin! 

Bioavailability – the amount of the substance that actually enters the bloodstream and is used by the body.

Broad-spectrum hemp – A full spectrum oil without any THC.

Cannabidiol (CBD) – A non-psychoactive cannabinoid. It is the most plentiful cannabinoid in Sativa (hemp).

Cannabinoid –  Refers to any of the natural, bioactive, chemical compounds found in cannabis plants (hemp or marijuana). It may also refer to chemical compounds produced within the body, or synthetically, similar to those found in plants.

CBD Oil – a cannabis product (hemp or marijuana-derived) that is high in CBD.

Certificate of Analysis (COA) – a certificate/report provided by a testing facility as verification that certain tests were performed, as well as their results. Often contains potency tests, heavy metals tests, solvent tests, and/or terpene tests.

Endocannabinoids – Refers to any chemical compound (such as anandamide), naturally produced in the body, which binds to the same brain receptors as cannabinoids.

Endocannabinoid System – A biological system of the body that seeks balance or homeostasis. Kind of like the classic fairy tale of Goldilocks and the three bears, our endocannabinoid system wants to keep our body, “just right.”  Not too hot, not too cold, not too much sugar, not too little sugar. This system is always working to keep the body and mind in balance.

Entourage effect – Using the whole cannabis plant instead of removing certain compounds or changing it to have only one component, produces the entourage effect. When the whole plant, with its full spectrum of therapeutic compounds, is used there is an interactive synergy between the cannabis compounds.

Full-spectrum hemp – Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil contains a full array of cannabinoids such as CBD, CBG, CBN and even some THC. It also offers vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, protein, chlorophyll, flavonoids and terpenes.

Isolate – A pure source of CBD (99%), where during the extraction process, everything naturally found in the plant matter is removed. This includes any trace of THC, terpenes, waxes, oils, chlorophyll and more.

Microdosing – a dosing method where you take very small doses throughout the day, instead of big ones once or twice a day.

Sublingual – a consumption method that entails you applying the product under the tongue.

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) – This is one of two specific cannabinoids with psychoactive properties. It is the most plentiful cannabinoid in Indica (marijuana).

Terpenes – What gives plants their aromas? Terpenes are aromatic oils that give cannabis and other plants their distinctive smells and flavors like citrus, berry, mint, pine and lavender.  Terpenes also play a critical role in differentiating the effects various cannabis strains will have. Some promote relaxation and stress relief, while others promote focus and acuity.

Third-Party Lab Report – see “Certificate of Analysis” (COA) above.  

Topical – a product or method that requires you to apply the product to the skin topically. Does not get into the bloodstream.

Water Soluble – a cannabis product that mimics water solubility, often through the use of liposomes or nanoemulsion techniques.



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